The Secret of Ozone Urbana Where Amenity & Leisure Speaks

Leisure Residents are the bliss which serves the aroma of experiencing ultra-living. Likewise, ozone Urban is one amongst those luxurious-apartments which offers exactly the same combat.
At Urbana the niceties have been custom-made to endeavor the best in class persisting experience. Multifarious clubhouses are rigged with amusement and frolic facilities like the health club with lavatory, vigor and whirlpool bath, athletic club, squash court, billiards table and many more.

Ozone Urbana Review

Ozone Urbana Review
People experience convenience & relief like never before at Ozone Urbana. It is being shaped up in a form to have a cordial and rich-loaded living experience. Also with manifold accommodation within its assembled community such as the service squad that courses at making the breath of residents cheerful, spacious commercial zones, a recommended hospital, National Public school, Hyatt-Place Business hotel and innumerable accessories that are arranged to augment happiness, adaptability, and trait.

It is being compassed over 185 acres of elite property and is stationed alongside to Bangalore International Airport on NH7, near Devanahalli which is one of the brisk growing neighborhood in Bangalore. It offers collective variants of 2/3/4 bedroom apartments and is decked with preferable lifestyle amenities. Luxury apartments at Urbana are put together with the state of artistry boasting noteworthy composition, splendid innards and also countenance of array of global amenities.

Ozone Group Developers Review

Ozone Group Developers Review
Ozone group, the premium property builder in Bangalore has confirmed that Urbana visage delight apartments which have been explicitly described to let its occupant satiate in the ease of a stylish home.
Henceforth, grasp the secret of the outstanding living acquaintance in Ozone Urbana where quality and liberty speaks at volumes.


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